G Adventures Teams With Hostelworld As Backpacking, Touring Converge

G Adventures has teamed up with hostel booking platform Hostelworld to create ‘Roamies,’ a product the partners call a “new style of travel for 18-35-year-olds.

This new combination of the highly social hostelling experience and small group adventure travel will launch with a collection of 38 programs in 15 countries, with accommodations at more than 50 of the “world’s hottest hostels.”


The partners say the Roamies collection is the start of a longer-term partnership that will see more tours being added across further locations.

Bookings are open now, with the first tour set for May 8, 2022.

“Roamies captures the free-spirited nature of adventure travel and combines it with the inherently social side of hostels,” G Adventures says in a press release.

“The collection brings independently-minded travelers together to explore the world on tours between five and 34 days duration, with maximum freedom and flexibility. Extra free time, with optional activities available to book, has been built in, with all trips having the support of an expert chief experience officer (CEO) every step of the way.”

Bruce Poon Tip, G Adventures
Bruce Poon Tip of G Adventures has been honored as one of Canada’s most admired CEO’s.

G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip says traveler wishes have changed during the pandemic, and the partnership was born out of the desire to create something entirely new for younger travellers, many of whom have been deprived of the opportunity to explore and socialize over the past 20 months.

“We’ve always had great respect for Hostelworld — it’s an amazing company with an incredible commitment to the advancement of travel, a quality we appreciate and share,” Poon Tip says.

“The pandemic gave us the opportunity to act like a start-up again. As we learned more about Hostelworld’s business, we realized there was an opportunity to create something special by bringing our brands together to create the perfect mix of backpacking and organized travel.”

In a press conference held on Zoom, Poon tip and Hostelworld CEO Gary Morrison discussed the concept. Reflecting the current reality, the two travel leaders have never actually met in person, but that hasn’t stopped them and their respective teams from collaborating on this project for nearly a year.

“Together we’re creating a new style of travel for our customers that will allow them to have a better travel experience and support our model of community tourism, which is based on investing in as many local and small businesses as possible. There is no better representation of that than in the hostel market, of which many are family-run businesses,” says Poon Tip.

Accommodations at Lima Peru hostel
Comfortable dorm room accommodations at Lima, Peru’s Kokopelli Hostel Barranco.

He adds that hostels have evolved a great deal in recent years, with some offering amenities like swim-up bars, rooftop terraces and coffee shops.

Poon Tip says that as G Adventures has grown into a global adventure travel powerhouse, its scale makes it difficult to integrate hostel accommodations into its tour product. The technology-focused Hostelworld boasts more than 17,000 properties on its platform, and Morrison says the vast majority are owner-operated small businesses.

“Our mission is to help hostellers meet other travelers they want to hang out with while travelling, so partnering with G Adventures to offer a combination of hostelling and adventure travel made absolute sense. When young people travel, they want to do more than just see places — they want to make meaningful connections and have new experiences that positively change their perspective on themselves and the world.”

Morrison says company research shows that 60% of Hostelworld clients are solo travellers, and 80% are looking to meet other travelers and do activities together. At G Adventures, Poon Tip says two-thirds of clients travel solo, and two-thirds are female. With Roamies, travelers will have a wide choice of optional activities, as well as events put on by the hostels.

Munich Beer Hall
Young travelers at a Munich beer hall.

Poon Tip says the new concept gives travelers the security of being part of a group, combined with the freedom of choosing add-on activities that cater to their own tastes – from something as simple as a yoga class to a skydiving adventure.

Initial destinations include Albania, Austria, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Peru, Thailand and Vietnam. Prices start at less than $100 per day, ranging to about $200 per day, including accommodations, some meals and some activities.

Poon Tip says the new product “will be available like all of our options” through the travel agency channel and will help “bring Hostelworld to life within the travel industry.”


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