Common Backpacking Problems & How To Overcome Them

When we consider going backpacking, most of us think only of Instagrammable holiday destinations and experiences that are guaranteed to change our lives without once considering that this much-loved form of travel could also offer some bad points.

Backpacking can be one of the best ways to see the world, however it isn't without risk.  Here are some common backpacking problems and some tips on how you can overcome them...

By omitting these downsides, you set yourself up for a trip rife with disappointment because guess what? Backpacking is by no means the walk in the park that your friends made it seem on their Instagrams. Hefty luggage aside, this lifestyle can be one of the most emotionally gruelling challenges you’ll face, and understanding that is the only opportunity you have of preparing a plan of action to perk your trip back up whenever backpacking goes bad. We’re going to help you do precisely that by looking at the three most common backpacking conundrums, and some simple ways around them.

The small matter of money

Funds are a huge area of ​​concern for backpackers and are guaranteed to become a problem at some stage regardless of your budget. Luckily, this downside often comes down to poor planning, meaning that a proactive approach before you even set off is the best possible way to avoid the struggle. Backpackers especially find that taking time to seek on-the-road career opportunities before heading off, as well as talking to an immigration petitioner who can arrange work permits in advance, ensures that even low funds receive a much-needed boost. Equally, taking along bank cards and letting your bank know what’s going on means that further withdrawals are always a last-resort option, even if you face charges for the privilege.

accommodation nightmares

The communal vibes and down-to-earth basics of hostel life seem like quintessential backpacking experiences, but the reality is often very different. Unclean, uncomfortable settings and an inability to safely leave your pack anywhere can especially become sticking points when your entire body aches. It’s therefore always worth booking at least a few luxurious hotel pit stops along the way, especially during the more physically challenging stretches of your journey. It may cost a little more, but you’re guaranteed to thank your past self when you finally arrive in a private room complete with air-con and an individual shower cubicle.

Letting loneliness in

Even independent, determined backpackers miss their home comforts, friends, and family during the midst of long days of travel. To overcome this, it’s important to book regular Skype calls and interactions with people back home wherever you can, despite how much you might want to rally against doing so. Equally, taking the time to meet fellow backpackers through safe online platforms or pre-arranged meetings, can help to keep that loneliness from snapping too heavily on your heels until you settle fully into your journey.

Backpacking can change lives, but it can also unravel into a bad experience pretty quickly. By putting these precautions in place, and by considering the less-than-perfect side that backpacking is guaranteed to bring with it, you give your trip the best possible chance to transform your outlook in a positive light, without too many painful setbacks along the way.