Top attractions for summer fun

It's a twisting, turning adventure on Valravn at Cedar Point.

Ready to venture beyond your own backyard this summer? 

We know that everyone has been longing for the change of season and a return to more normal circumstances. Enter this guide to summer in the state.

We offer a slate of suggestions for what to do this summer, no matter what part of Ohio you find yourself in.

Things to do in Ohio: Delightful things to do and see this summer in Northeast Ohio

Ohio summer fun: Here are some attractions worth visiting in the Columbus area

Northwest Ohio is a delight in the summers, whether you’re looking for a getaway on a Lake Erie beach, an adventure in the great outdoors or an exploration of the Toledo area. Here are a few things to check out:

Theme parks

Cedar Point

 1 Cedar Point Drive, Sandusky (Erie County)

Amusement park lovers are loving that Cedar Point is open for the summer. One of the newer attractions this season is the Snake River Expedition. Guests begin the adventure by going on a river-boat mission to haul cargo without getting robbed by smugglers. This attraction is available until Sept. 6. Or, guests can watch the night parade with floats and performances to celebrate the park’s 150th anniversary through Aug. 15. Reservations are required to enter the park.