A Backpacker’s Case for Packing Way Too Much

“],”renderIntial”:true,”wordCount”:350}”> There is an unfortunate line of thinking, in what I will unscientifically dub the “American camping consciousness,” that backpacking should be an ascetic experience. Car camping? Buddy, load up the ice-cold beers, cram your whole queen mattress into the rig, and bring an adult-size bouncy house. But backpacking? A quick scan of your local … Read more

5 Backpacking Trips for Beginners Ready to Explore

Ready to make the leap from casual hiker to full-on backpacker? The Blue Ridge is full of accessible escapes that are just remote enough for first forays into backcountry overnights. From spruce groves in the mountains to isolated wetlands near the coast, here are a handful of beginner-friendly destinations with easy-to-follow routes and minimal elevation … Read more

Backpacking vacation restores physical, mental health

Mark A Mahoney My column today focuses on a personal trip to California to undertake a yearly backpacking trip with a friend in California to the high Sierra Nevada Mountains, something which had been a yearly endeavor for many years now. However, this July’s experience was particularly important as we had missed 2020 due to … Read more

What to Pack for Your First Cold-Weather Backpacking Trip

“],”renderIntial”:true,”wordCount”:350}”> When I began venturing into the backcountry, the first big dump of snow meant my tent and sleeping bag went into hibernation for the season. Aside from the unpleasantly cold temperatures, the extra investment in specialized gear for an activity I’d only partake in a couple times a year kept me solidly in the … Read more

London parents on epic backpacking trip round the world despite baby daughter only being 7 months old

A London mum is spending her maternity leave traveling the world with her baby as part of an eight-month long backpacking trip. North London mum Milly Godwin is currently halfway across the world in South America on an epic trip with seven-month-old daughter Poppy. Along with partner Stu, 32, an engineer from Australia, the family … Read more

Hygiene Tips for Backpackers

No, you’re not going to be showering under a waterfall every day on the trail. (That would be sweet, though.) And no, a little BO never hurt anyone. Keyword: little. Unless you want the wildlife and other hikers to turn tail and run, it pays to pay basic attention to hygiene wherever you are. Plus, … Read more

Here is how you can ace backpacking

Here is how you can ace backpacking Written by Varnika Sharma Dec 02, 2021, 06:34 pm 3 min read Backpacking provides you the opportunity to travel and witness the world on a budget We all can agree that backpacking is not for everyone. There are those who prepare a clear itinerary, need to know in … Read more

Packing Tips For Solo Backpackers

These are the best backpacking tips a backpacker will ever need, inspired by years of nomadic living. Backpacking can be a lot of fun, it is a style of travel that provides a lot more flexibility than normal traveling with a suitcase. It is also can be a lot more work than normal travel. But … Read more

How backpacking around the world in his 80s helped Dean Springbett overcome Cyclone Debbie trauma

In gusts of howling wind and rain, it took his boat and established gardens—but Cyclone Debbie did not touch Dean Springbett’s free spirit. Five years on from the disaster that rocked Queensland, the 85-year-old said it was enough to make him want to up and leave on an adventure. “It comes in a big roar, … Read more

Tourism Adventure Group battles though administration

On-site tents at Nomads hostel. Source: Facebook. The pandemic and the end of JobKeeper has pushed one of Australia’s biggest hostel groups into administration but the directors are hopeful the business will thrive after it’s restructured. Tourism Adventure Group (TAG), which went into voluntary administration at the end of June, had its second creditors meeting … Read more