The older backpackers rewriting the travel rulebook

(CNN) — For Kristy Burns, her partner Annette Demel and close friend Lynn Edminston, hitting their 50s and 60s marked a beginning, not an end. Around six years ago, the trio reached retirement age and sold their homes — first, heading out on the road in RVs, and then beginning several hiking odysseys across the … Read more

How to Make Chili for Your Next Backpacking Trip

“],”renderIntial”:true,”wordCount”:350}”> I make chili almost every week when I’m at home in the winter. It’s particularly gratifying to make it with elk meat I’ve harvested myself and homegrown peppers and tomatoes. It seemed like my chili recipe could be converted for backcountry use, so I asked my program manager—who has a degree from the Culinary … Read more

9 Early Spring Backpacking Trips You Can Do Right Now

It’s spring, and everyone is ready to get outside. The weather is getting warmer (mostly), the snow is melting, and everyone has a closet of brand-new gear they can’t wait to get on the trail. And, luckily for all of us, you don’t have to wait until the flowers start to bloom to get out. … Read more

A drastic 99% reduction in backpacker entrants spurred youth hostels, student accommodation and co-living to look at innovative solutions

The tourism market in Australia, and in particular the backpacker and hostel industry, was one of the most impacted sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic. This culminated in a drastic 99% reduction in backpacker entrants as borders slammed shut in early 2020, and the future of the travel and tourism industry faced significant uncertainty. THE COVID … Read more

Best Beginner-Friendly Backpacking Trips In The U.S.

Shorter trips for higher elevations and slightly longer hikes for low elevations are key, and beautiful scenery, of course. Over the last year and a half, there has definitely been an uptick in camping and hiking and the pandemic is partially responsible for that. While some people enjoy observing nature via a day trip with … Read more

Cape Town: Some Of The Best Hostels For Backpackers

Hostels are a great budget-friendly option for those looking to socialize, and these are the best one you can find in Cape Town. If one is thinking of backpacking to the stunning coastal city of Cape Town in South Africa then one may be wondering where to stay. Cape Town has many hostels/backpackers to choose … Read more

Crucial Backpacking Gear for your Next Big Getaway

Record heat waves are tearing through the United States this summer, and while many of us are sweltering without AC, the smarter of us are filling 70-liter packs and planning a long backpacking trip high in the mountains. During the summer doldrums we often find ourselves opening Gaia and CalTopo and tracing enticing routes over … Read more

Students allowed despite Covid policies

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Wednesday announced Australia will refund visa fees for vaccinated backpackers who arrive within the next three months. The country — whose tight, pandemic border policies locked out its citizens, and more recently, one of tennis’s biggest stars — is encouraging backpackers to visit. And it’s doing so because it wants … Read more

How to Plan a Successful Backpacking Trip in 7 Steps

“],”renderIntial”:true,”wordCount”:350}”> This year I’m planning 29 guided backpacking trips. They are scheduled through October, run three to seven days, and are scattered throughout North America in the high desert, eastern woodlands, Mountain West, and Alaska. I will also ready my company’s more than 240 clients, who are of mixed ages, genders, fitness levels, and experience. … Read more